June 4, 2016

Couples Therapy

couplesI work with married couples, partnered couples, engaged couples, and couples contemplating or going through a divorce.

Relationships take time, energy, and persistence and can be challenging at times. I take a non-judgmental and unbiased approach in my work with couples so that we can identify and explore areas of contention, confusion, or struggle. My goal is to help married, partnered, and engaged couples work on strengthening their communication skills and finding a deeper understanding of each others wants and needs.

While many couples decide to go to therapy to preserve or strengthen their marriage, there are instances where the marriage is clearly dissolving. In those cases, I work with couples to make the dissolution of marriage process as amicable as possible.

My specialties in working with couples include:

  • unmet needs in the relationship
  • communication and ongoing misunderstandings
  • infidelity and trust
  • intimacy issues
  • deciding whether or not to continue in the relationship
  • chronic unhappiness in the relationship for one or both partners