June 4, 2016

Pre-Marital Therapy

premaritalTherapy can be helpful for couples in many different stages of a relationship. Some couples decide to go to pre-marital therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • communication challenges
  • building and maintaining trust
  • family conflict
  • intimacy issues

I am a trained PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator and utilize their inventory and approach when working with couples for pre-marital counseling. I offer a 5-session package for couples who are required to or choose to go through pre-marital counseling before getting married. I typically suggest couples begin pre-marital counseling 6-12 months prior to getting married and will work within your specific time constraints, if needed.

The PREPARE/ENRICH program begins with a computerized inventory that you and your partner will complete separately. Together we will:

  • identify strengths and areas of growth in your relationship
  • explore communication styles and learn conflict resolution strategies
  • identify family of origin issues that may be impacting your relationship now and in the future
  • discuss financial planning, budgets, and future goals (buying a house, having children, etc)
  • understand and appreciate personality differences
  • identify and manage stress individually and as a couple
  • learn how to function as a couple while maintaining independence
  • discuss how each of your views on faith, spirituality, and religion are integrated into your relationship and goals as a couple